Since the cocopeat is cation complex, it is surrounded by positive ions, mostly sodium and potassium. This would not cause any harm, since these ions are very strongly bound and they are not available for the plants. The problems may start when during the feeding we start to drip with magnesium and calcium - which elements are highly necessarry regardless the type of the crop. The calcium and the magnesium ions will "push out" the sodium and the potassium and take their place in the complex, which results that there will be a lots of available potassium and sodium for the plant instead of the magnesium and calcium!

To avoid of this problem the buffering process must be completed before planting. During this process, calcium [2+] is introduced in order to remove monovalent positive ions such as potassium [1+] from the coconut complex. In this way, we remove not only elements which are soluble in water but also elements which are bound to the coconut complex. Washing and buffering can take place in India, but can be done by the grower as well. We provide a help to do the buffering free of charge - for this we need a result of the water analysis.