Our mission

Our mission is to support the hydroponic vegetable, cutflower and strawberry production by marketing environment friendly, renewable substrates.

By manufacturing our products, a taylor-fit quality assurance system guarantees the uniform high quality, which we complete with domestic laboratory analysis and sample preservation.

In our activity supporting our costumers with consultancy and laboratory background played always an emphasized role. We do not only sell a product to our clients, but the entire cocopeat related growing technology.

We put emphasis on research and development, which allows us to reach better yields and in the other hand supports us by solving problems. Considering our growers needs and expectations we develop new products year-by-year, but only let them available after thorough investigation

To support the education of the future generation we provide to each educational institutions free material out of product range.

The marketing activity of the Pro Horto Ltd. is determined by the principle of "renewable, enviroment-friendly growing with close coopeation with our costumers".