Coconut production

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(Cocos nucifera) belongs to the palm family, one of the most important woody crop in the tropics, which can grow up to 25 m height. The coconut husk does not sink in the water and using the streams of the oceans it is widely spread all around the tropics. The coconut palm prefers areas nearby the see, 1-2 m highger then the sea level, high ground water and ample precipitation. The majority of the world coconut production is made by small farms. For the youngplant production the intact coconut husk is placed to the ground and covered by soil. After 4-10 months the seedlings will be planted 8-10 m away from each other. The trees bare their first crops after 5-6 years and they reach their full production after 15 years. One tree may bare ca. 50-100 coconut. Nowadays the bigger manufacturees set up their own plantations to secure the raw material for the safe and continous production. The center of the coconut production is India and Sri Lanka.