Cocopeat products sorted by form

The production of the horticultural cocopeat has developed rapdily in the past 20 years. Beside the initial production of the base substrate – fine pith – newer and newer forms and different fractions appeared.


Due to the various forms of the produced cocopeat it is easy to fit it to any existing horticultural technology. The 650 g brick is widely used in Hungary as a substrate for the 10-12 liters containers. The filling of the containers can be done very fast, effective and clean. Dripping 4 liters of starter solution to the bricks, it expands to 8 liters and it is ready to plant!

The 650 g brick is currently available in these forms:

  • washed Standard (100% pith) max. EC 1 mS/cm2
  • buffered Standard (100% pith) max. EC 0,8 mS/cm2


Size: 20 x 10 x 7 cm
Weight: 650 g ±10%
Water content: <20%
Packing: 1.850 pieces/palette (ca. 1.200 kg), strechwrapped

kókuszrost - ProHorto Kft.

The 5 kg bale is an ideal choice for potting soil companies, landscapers, nurseries and for those fields, where the most important issue is the economical handling of the substrate.

5 kg bales are available with the following content:

  • washed Standard (100% pith) max. EC 1 mS/cm2, expansion ca. 12-13 liter/kg
  • buffered Standard (100% pith) max. EC 0,5 mS/cm2, expansion ca. 12 liter/kg
  • washed Optima 50% chips - 50% pith max. EC 1 mS/cm2, expansion: kb. 10-11 liter/kg
  • washed Chips, max. EC 1 mS/cm2, expansion: kb. 10-11 liter/kg


Sizes: 30 x 30 x 10-15 cm
Weight: 5 kg ±10%
Water content: <20%
Packing: 210 pieces /palette (ca. 1.050 kg), strechwrapped

kókuszrost - ProHorto Kft.

The chips disk is mainly used for gerbera cultivation. Place the disk to the 3,2 liter pot, add the starter solution to it and when it expanded it is ready to plant!


The chips disk is available:

  • washed Chips, max. EC 0,6 mS/cm2


Size: 19 cm diameter

Weight: 0,25 kg ±10%

Water content <20%

Packing: 54 pieces/box, 54 box/pallet (ca.750 kg)

kókuszrost - ProHorto Kft.

For landscaping there are various forms of cocopeat - here are some practical use of the cocopeat, beyond the horticulture:


The coir log is an effective, environmental-friendly and elegant tool of the pond construction. The tube, made out of coir fiber geotextile is filled with pith - in one hand it prevents erosion, in the other hand the roots of the plants, planted into the coir log will later stabilize the enbankment.

Size: 30-40-50 cm of diamter, 3 m length


The coir geotextile comes handy when it is about stabilizing steep slopes. Besides decreasing the erosion, the coir net provides excellent rooting surface for the plants. In soils with an extreme water regime the water holding capability of the coir net supports the plants in the dry periods. The coir degrades very slowly, but then the roots of the plants will hold the soil.
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kókuszrost - ProHorto Kft.