Ways of use

kókuszrost - ProHorto Kft.

The modern, intensive growing technologies raise several quality issues towards the substrates, which will determine the economical production.Here are some example out of the many, to demonstrate the various ways of the use of the cocopeat.

Using households buckets as containers is a speciality of Middle-Europe. The used 10 liter bucket would be precisely filled by a 650 g cocopeat brick. The loading of the substrate to the buckets became much faster and there is no need to make any cleanup afterwards. Just place the drippers into the drilled holes in a brick and start the irrigation - strictly with solution - and in few hours the substrate is ready to planting! It is no coincidence that the cocopeat spreaded fastest in this area, due to these beneficial properties and as well as the favorable experiences our growers gained by using cocopeat.

kókuszrost - ProHorto Kft.

The favorable experiences with the bucket-technology resulted the spread of another container technology - the use of the balcony boxes. Two bricks fit into a balcony box, but otherwise the technology is similiar. This technology is considered as a bridge between the buckets and the growbags. The height of the substrate was about the half as in the buckets, so the growers started to drip more often, but smaller volume - this resulted a more even water and salt content in the substrate and the spread of the more precise irrigation systems.

The growbags are the latest stance of the hydroponic technology. The use of the growbags is fast, clean and due to the various available sizes they can fit into any technology. Another important advantage is the availability of the different mixtures - this way we can choose the right substrate which would meet our specific requirements.

The quality of the substrate used during youngplant production may define the condition of the mature plant. The very fast initial root development gave the idea to produce youngplants in bottomless pots and place them directly to the cocopeat in growbag or in container. This way the youngplant production is more economical comparing to the rockwool growcubes and the roots start to grow faster towards the new substrate.