The Pro Horto Ltd. is a privately owned hungarian company, estabilished in 2004.


After the millenium the domestic market of the hydroponic substrates predominantly ruled by rockwool and peat marketed under different brand names. As a Central European speciality a lots of grower used a regular, household bucket as a container for tomato or pepper growing – in which almost exclusively peat has been used. The filling of the substrate were demanding and dirty and after the initial root development period the rewetting of the substrate was difficult and often resulted a loss of youngplants. The cocopeat started its carrier in this market as the 650 g bricks filled the buckets, resulting a much easier, faster and cleaner filling period. The rewetting was never an issue with cocopeat, so there were no loss after the rooting period any more and the summer period became much safer.


As the interest continously grew towards the cocopeat, so raised more and more issues – we decided to start a cooperation with a consulting company. Due to this cooperation with the Laurense Team Hungary we are able to provide menus for vegetable, cutflower and strawberry growing in order to help a succesful growing.


In 2007 we started several trials to learn the use of the cocopeat growbags. It has became since then our most sought product as a environment friendly alternative in the vegetable, cutflower and strawberry production in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.


In 2010 we have launched our RECO project. The abbreviation is for REcycled COcopeat. We provide help to our costumers to reuse their used cocopeat when the season is over – this way they never consider the used cocopeat as problem, but as it really is: a valuable organic